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To deliver superior value for all stakeholders by leveraging on technology, farmers, and growth opportunities in the production, processing and marketing of cotton and cotton related products.


To be a dominant, integrated, innovative and viable player in the cotton industry.

Core Values

Ethical – We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards

Empathy – We understand the people in our business, their feelings, aspirations, ambitions and tap the best in everyone.

Integrity – We are people of integrity who are responsible for our environment and the well being of communities we serve.

Engagement – We communicate effectively and every team member is committed to our values and understands their role.

Enterprise – We think about our work. We create wealth and raise standards of performance. We execute with passion and relentless vigour.

Excellence – We put all our hearts into all we do. We are the best in our business. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards and exceed expectations.

The Cotton Company Of Zimbabwe

The Cotton Company of Zimbabwe is the largest cotton producing company in the country. It has an 80% market share. The company was privatized in 1994 and was in competition with Cargill at the time. After 2000 other players came and in 2005 when the foreign currency challenges began Chinese companies also joined the cotton industry. At the peak of hyper inflation 2007/8 there were 28 cotton companies in Zimbabwe although they were fly by night companies. The company has revived its relationship with farmers so that they start to grow cotton again.

The response has been positive considering that the Presidential Input Scheme is now in place. The Presidential Input Scheme was first announce by the Government in 2015 with the aim to revive cotton production. The inputs package is a direct subsidy to the farmer administered by Cottco. During the 2015/6 season 10 800 tonnes of cotton was delivered by farmers to Cottco, and for the 2016/7 season 54 000 tonnes was delivered by farmers. The jump represents a 400% growth in cotton production.

National output for 2015/6 was 28 000tonnes and for the current season its 70 000 tonnes and Cottco has the major market share in all these statistics. Currently there are about six cotton companies including the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe. The company is buying the cotton at 47cents per kilogramme and there would be price adjustments of 10 cents for farmers who have graded their cotton. This year the company has encouraged farmers to grade their cotton. The major challenges for cotton production last season were side marketing , low productivity per unit area, diversion of fertilizer to other crops and the heavy rains.

The Cotton Company Services


Seed cotton is graded according to Statutory Instrument 142 of 2015. It is graded as grade A;B;C or D. Graders are located at all Cottco grading point to grade seed cotton and assist farmers with grading knowledge to maintain good quality of cotton.


Ginning is the separation of lint from seed. Cottco ginneries are located in Chinhoyi, Chiredzi, Gokwe, Kadoma, Muzarabani and Sanyati the total ginning capacity is 130 000 tonnes. The company ginneries are of the Lumus brand. Ginnery outputs are Lint, Ginned seed and motes.


We classify and test 100% of our lint produced. Lint is classified at Harare central classifying room. Classification is done according to local lint grades and USDA lint grades.

Sales & Marketing

Cottco brands/selling types are available to potential customers .These selling types are designed as per International Standards. Markets for cotton lint are the East, Europe, SADC Region, Mauritius and locally in Zimbabwe.

Latest News

We strive to keep you updated with the latest developments at Cottco. Transparency is very important to the corporation.

Visit a strategic business unit or agent near your location across the nation for enquiries and assistance.